Global Positioning Satellite System

To better serve its clients, Land-Tech Surveying & Mapping Corp has invested in Topcon GPS+, the most sophisticated and accurate global positioning system available today.

GPS is a group of satellites orbiting approximately 11,000 miles above the earth. Each satellite sends out a radio signal at a known wavelength and time so precise that the distance to each satellite can be measured to less than 1/16 of an inch. Signals can be received from several of these satellites at the same time and are used to accurately calculate any position on earth.

Topcon GPS+ yields the most precise, real-time positioning information.

Topcon's co-op tracking and in-band interference suppression allow Land-Tech to go where other systems cannot.

Topcon's multi-path reduction feature, high phase center stability antenna and access to 33% more satellites than ordinary GPS provide for superior accuracy all the time.

Other Topcon features provide longer-running power for less downtime and fewer delays.

Land-Tech uses this state-of-the-art technology in its mapping and surveying functions to provide its customers high-precision positioning for all civil engineering and land surveying applications.




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